Diggin Necklace
16 July, 2023 Jeffrey Luque

The great Cordobes artist and good friend Guerrita has released with Ciclo a new album Metrópoli where I had the pleasure to collaborate in the song Diggin where I made a pendant of the illustration made by Sakerinox.

How to measure your finger size to buy a ring. Step 1: Cut a strip of paper half a centimeter thick by about ten centimeters long. Step 2: Wrap it around the finger where you want to wear the ring and mark with a pen the point where you want to wear the ring. Step [...]

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5 May, 2023 Jeffrey Luque , , ,
I was proud to design the ring that Luis Tosal wore in the last Voll Damm ad and which was later put on sale. The design had to have a lot of personality as it was a key part of the ad The Five Steps, a ring in 925 sterling silver with the head in [...]
I had the pleasure to design for Etnies Shoe for its 20th anniversary a pendant of the mythical Lo Cut shoe, icon of the brand which I have had the pleasure to skate and which has been one of the most copied models in the history of skateboarding.                [...]

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My name is Jeffrey Luque, I’m 43 years old. I’m a skater and I’ve been working in the jewellery business for over 25 years.

My creations are born from my passion for skateboarding combined with my trade; I make my own designs, although I can create your own.